Criminal Law

Joseph McNally Solicitors are a team of experienced litigators and experts in dealing with all types of criminal offences. We research every possible defence in detail and explain the options available to an accused in plain language. Our clients are treated as individuals and feel comfortable contacting us at any time to discuss their case. We are on the Criminal Law Legal Aid Panel and will quickly indicate whether you will qualify for Free Legal Aid assistance. We also undertake private paying cases and offer a confidential consultation to discuss your case.

If you or someone you know is arrested, facing prosecution or being asked to answer questions by the Gardai, you should speak with a specialist criminal law solicitor as soon as possible. We handle all matters in a sensitive and professional manner and provide a 24 hour emergency service for those who have been arrested and detained at a Garda Station.

Common Criminal Offences include:

> Public Order Offences
> Theft, Assault, Drug Offences, Sexual Offences
> Road Traffic Offences, Drunken Driving, Speeding, Dangerous Driving


Road Traffic Offences

Joseph McNally Solicitors provide legal advice for all road traffic offences. We scrutinise all aspects of the alleged offence and discuss any technical defences that arise. You will then be given the option to defend the prosecution outright or at the very least significantly minimise the severity of the possible disqualification period and financial penalty.

Common Driving Offences include:

> Drink driving
> Dangerous driving
> Careless driving
> Speeding
> Driving without Insurance / Driving Licence / NCT Certificate / Tax

If you receive a summons or are charged with a driving offence, feel free to contact our office for immediate advice on the matter.